Invest in Iraqi Dinars 


 Are you ready for the Recall?

What Recall? How come nobody told me?


Most countries that go through revolutions, major government changes, inflation or wars are forced to change their currency, issue new notes, drop zeros and even change the name of the currency.  As a Paper Money dealer for over 20 years, I have seen this happen in Afghanistan, Iran, Russia, ex-Soviet, Argentina, Mexico and other countries.  

There is no question that sometime in the future (maybe 2008-9) the Iraqi Government will issue a set of new banknotes.  The paper money in circulation now, which is also known as the “Bremer Dinar", is associated with the Coalition Forces and the USA, and will be changed by the new Iraqi Government.  

When the Central Bank of Iraq issues the new currency, it will allow a short period of time for the Iraqis to exchange the "Bremer Dinars" with the New Dinars.  The Central Bank of Iraq IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for your investment, and unless you can rush your Dinars to a bank in Iraq, they will be worthless.  While the Central Bank of Iraq gave 3 months for its citizens to exchange Saddam's banknotes with the new ones, THERE IS NO GUARANTEE that they will allow an extended time period next time.

Again; those of us who have been in the Paper Money business for years, remember how Iran allowed only one week for the “Shah’s” banknotes to be exchanged with those of the Islamic Republic.   During this one-week all postal deliveries came to a halt thus billions of Rials, which had left the country, were never returned and became worthless.  Even though 30 years have passed since the Revolution in Iran, you still CAN NOT take the Iranian Rial to your local bank or Western Union to exchange with US$.

This is when we step in.  Those who buy their Iraqi Dinars from us receive a quarterly e-mail informing them of the latest happenings, current exchange rates, collectors’ demand, and possible recall.   When the time comes, I will do my best to alert you and even assist you to liquidate your investment.  I GUARANTEE TO BUY BACK YOUR IRAQI DINARS WHEN THE TIME COMES AND AT THE RATE PREVAILING AT THAT TIME.  (See e-mail archives on the main page).