Invest in Iraqi Dinars 


Is the Iraqi Dinar the next
 "Stock Market" bubble?


Let me tell you my story (probably your story too,  and those of millions of  others).

A few years ago I got into the Stock Market. I had no idea what was going on, but that was the trend those days and that was what everyone else was doing.   I opened an account, and started; buying IBM and selling MSFT and making money.  I had no experience, I could not see the “Big Picture” and I was depending on the experts and financial advisors, and they were all unanimous that the Dow Jones will hit 3.25 million!   The Stock Market collapsed, I lost thousands, and millions of other investors lost billions, were you one of them?

Now we have the “Iraqi Dinar Rush”, however, things are different this time and the tables are reversed.  I have been in the Banknote business for 20 years, I have the experience, contacts, numismatic catalogs and magazines, and can see the “Big Picture”, and I am amazed (frankly speaking – scared) to see the rush by the general public to buy the Iraqi Currency.  They read that the analysts (who have entered this business a few months ago), predict the return of the strong Iraqi Dinar and that their $1000 investment today will bring $3,000,000 in a couple of years.                                     

I got into this market and started selling the Iraqi Dinar to Investors (while I continue my main business with the collectors) for two reasons: (1) I have several reliable contacts in the Middle East with whom I have been doing business for over 10 years, and my present offered post paid price of $895.00 is way below $1250 and $1500 charged by other dealers, (2) as a banknote dealer I want to stay in touch with investors and let them know when they should liquidate their investment before the hot air skips the bubble.

Yes, you can place an order with me for the Iraqi Dinars, you will save considerable amount, and above all, I will stay in touch with you and will inform you of the exchange rates, fluctuations, possible recall, and when you decide to liquidate your investment, I will be there to assist you.